Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall into Winter Sale

Okay, so there's not actually a sale or anything, other than that I have a new solo guitar album up on the Bandcamp. It's called Black Gold , and it was recorded when I played exactly one year ago today at Black Gold Records with The Hands Free. Jascha Narveson, who is a genius in his own right, was a complete gentleman and recorded my set, so I'm just gonna pay it forward here. Which is to say I will allow you to pay a small amount of money to own it.

Also coming up--an amazing show December 5th in Charlottesville Virginia. It's the cassette release for Grand Banks' new opus on Oxtail Recordings, and there's gonna be some real heavy hitters, so I highly advise quitting your job and going to Charlottesville for this one. 

More shows in the works as well, both TLA and solo guitar-style. See you in the pit!

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