Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Non-Denominational Christmas in July(/August)

Basically it's already 2019, Skynet, etc. But there are still a bunch of things going on before all the Cascadian Subduction Zone stuff happens! 

True Love Always just played a show, at our extreme major friend Jeff Gramm's significant birthday party, and recorded the instrumental tracks for 5 new songs! First time in the studio since we recorded Clouds in 2002. Whoa. We rehearsed at Marlborough Farms for a few hours, then checked in to the Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, where the excellent Mitch Rackin helped us turn lead into gold. Then we played the show, then we partied, then everyone went home. I'll go back in soon, finish the vocals, mix it, and sit back and watch the river of greenbacks flow in. More soon.

I'm also very excited to be doing some shows with my man Hampus Öhman-Frölund and some of his stellar crew of improvisers. Like me, he has played a lot of pop music, but also comes from a very weird place. We are playing:

8-09-2015 | Hampus and John duo (LindÖhman-Frölundaman?) at Pine Box Rock Shop 9p
8-18-2015 | Hampus, Mats Dimming, Joanna Mattrey and JL at JACK

(I had another mid-August show lined up that fell through, so hopefully I'll be able to update this with something excellent shortly.) Needless to say, this is all part of my ongoing attempt to get you to purchase Executive Fade, my new album/coaster or coaster/album on Teen-Beat. It will make your life better, and it will make my life better. Keep on sweatin'!