Friday, May 1, 2015

New year, new album, new coaster, new shows soon

Happy new year! Welcome to 2015! So full of promise and excitement; I can't wait to start...wait, it's already May, and all this horrible stuff is going on in the world?

The good news is, that means it's time for me to come out of hibernation and release this new coaster on Teen-Beat! The name of the coaster is Executive Fade, and when you order one, you also get a free download of my brand new album of the same name. 

I know some of you, like me, are ambivalent about what streaming music is doing to the state of music in general; if that's the case, you can also just buy the coaster and never use the download code. Or download the coaster instead--I don't know, follow your heart. All I know is that for $7.77 plus shipping you can own in your very own home these fantastic coasters designed by the inimitable Mark Robinson, and also get my record. THAT"S CHEAPER THAN BUYING A RECORD.

What is the record like? Well, first things first it's the realest. As with past affairs, it's entirely improvised, with a few overdubs along the way when there was something I wanted to do but lacked the extra arms for. If anyone would like to interview me for their blog or whatever, I will divulge the seamy backstory behind each of the songs pretty much without any prompting whatsoever.

This also means I'm getting back on the stick and booking more shows for the rest of the year, so watch this space for more details.