Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New EP "Platinum Cadavers"

Once again, a few weeks have elapsed. New EP up on bandcamp: Platinum Cadavers. Recorded in the morning before I went to do some recording with old friend and bandleader Heather McIntosh for a soundtrack she's working on; nice to play (even if at a distance) with some of the dispersed members of the NYC version of The Instruments.

This EP features, as almost always, the Digitech PDS-8000, an 8 second delay I bought in 1988 for $150 from a horrible, now-defunct music store in the DC suburbs. They were the classic place that refused to even look at you if you didn't walk in carrying a roll of money; they were so disdainful of me that the guy ringing me up couldn't even be bothered to gouge me correctly, and charged me for the cheaper 2 second model. One awesome thing about this delay is that, in its old age, the speed and depth of the delay modulation are now almost completely random. I'm not really into gear, or sentimental about it, but I could be sentimental about this guy.