Live performances


2017-10-17 | JL with Adam Ostrar at Troost
2017-08-17 | JL with Hampus at (some bar in the East Village)
2017-08-02 | JL with Hampus at Magick City
2017-07-29 | JL, Luciernaga, Mike Nigro, Janel Leppin at Rhizome in DC
2017-07-28 | JL, Luciernaga, Mike Nigro, Grand Banks at Low Records in Charlottesville
2017-01-15 | JL/Hampus at Troost



2015-12-28 | True Love Always (duo version with JL and MD) at Teen-Beat Holiday Extravaganza with Jonny Cohen's Love Machine and Cotton Candy, at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington VA.

2015-12-07 | JL and Hampus instrumental duo at Troost in Greenpoint, NYC

2015-12-05 | JL at Grand Banks Cassette Release Party in Charlottesville, with Grand Banks, Mike Nigro, Alexander Tanson at Ix Art Park

2015-08-18 | JL, Hampus, Mats Dimming and Joanna Mattrey at JACK

2015-08-09 | JL and Hampus at Pine Box Rock Shop

2015-07-18 | TLA at Littlefield for secret Jeff Gramm birthday bash, w/ Versus, Mark Robinson, Cotton Candy, Mates of State, Kyle's Karaoke Band (I did "Hey Ma" by Cam'ron)

2015-01-24 | JL at Friends and Lovers with Pale Lights and Great Lakes 


2014-12-14 | at Muchmore's with The Cacophony Collective

2014-11-08 | w/The Hands Free at Black Gold (

2014-10-13 | Kyle's Korner at Otto's Shrunken Head

2014-06-13 | Benefit for New York Tsurphu Goshir Dharma Center with Vomit Fist, Trummors, Flower (reunion) and +/-

Crowding the Octagon "Tour"

2014-03-28 | Official record release party! In Charlottesville VA at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, with Grand Banks and Cole/Monnes Duo

2014-03-21 | Flying Object, Hadley MA, for Sight and Sound II:

2014-03-20 | The Spotty Dog, Hudson NY, with Mike Tamburo and Alexander Turnquist:

2014-03-07 | Washington Street Art, Somerville MA, with Grizzler, Cotton Candy, What Is An Author?:


01-24-2013 | The Solitary Cyclist @ Adelina's in Greenpoint [notable: super fun, super cold, amp broke, so we had to share a mic which Ganda had to point at my face whenever I sang]

06-12-2013 | True Love Always at the Bell House for Chickfactor 21 [notable: Rose Melberg sang on Sunshine! Also, we played new songs live for the first time in what, like 10 years?]

04-11-2012 | Played Mediterranean as secret special guest for second night of the NYC portion of Chickfactor 2012; also playing were LD Beghtol, The Legendary Jim Ruiz, Bridget St. John, Pipas and The Aislers Set.

05-06-2012 | with Otto Hauser/Anders Griffen/Loren Stillman @ The Stone at 8:00 (and Ben Syversen has the 10:00 spot!)

12-22-2011 | JL solo guitar with Cotton Candy, Time Crisis, American Liberty League and Charlie Judkins @ Cake Shop


01-24-2010 | Briars of North America @ Zebulon
03-14-2010 | Briars of North America @ Pete's Candy Store
03-23-2010 | Briars of North America @ some place with poets or something?
07-05-2010 | True Love Always @ the Bell House w/Unrest, Tuscadero and Jonny Cohen
07-11-2010 | True Love Always @ Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC w/Unrest and Bossanova
08-12-2010 | True Love Always @ The Rock Shop w/Versus (record release)


02-06-2009 | The Solitary Cyclist @ Monkeytown (w/JR on bass) -- Ganda's going-away party
03-05-2009 | The Instruments -- Examined Life NYC closing party (w/Cornel West?!)
03-12-2009 | in The Jeff Litman Band @ Arlene's Grocery for his NYC CD release party
04-17-2009 | in Ladybug Transistor @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, w/Of Montreal, Janelle Monae
07-05-2009 | Briars of North America @ Sycamore--Otto, Gideon, Jeremy and Greg Chudzik
07-20-2009 | w/Otto, Gideon, Greg @ Monkeytown
07-21-2009 | The Instruments @ Bluestocking Bookstore for Examined Life book release
08-30-2009 | Latin Hustle (duo w/CD) @ Union Hall for Falcatross record release party
11-13-2009 | The Solitary Cyclist w/Cotton Candy, Versus, +/-, Ciudad for Teenbeat Night @ new Knitting Factory
12-16-2009 | The Briars of North America @ Sycamore


12-16-08 | The Solitary Cyclist @ Spike Hill
10-31-08 | Latin Hustle @ Castle Smurgeth Halloween Party
10-28-08 | Latin Hustle @ Spike Hill
09-05-08 | The Instruments at the Toronto International Film Festival (Augusta House afterparty for world premiere of Examined Life)
08-12-08 | The Solitary Cyclist at The Stone
07-14-08 | JL (w/GS, CD) and In Interview at Otto's Shrunken Head
06-22-08 | Cornfield Dance "Dance for a Small Room" at Abrons Art Center
06-21-08 | Cornfield Dance "Dance for a Small Room" at Abrons Art Center
05-25-08 | The Instruments at Cake Shop
05-21-08 | The Instruments at Union Hall
05-15-08 | Latin Hustle at Spike Hill
04-24-08 | Cornfield Dance "Dance for a Small Room" at Alvin Ailey
03-05-08 | JL (with KS) at Luna Lounge
01-26-08 | The Instruments at the Knitting Factory Main Stage


03-03-2006 | Annie Hayden Band w/ Smoking Popes, Bayside at Maxwell's
03-15-2006 | Annie Hayden Band at Knitting Factory w/ the Bats, Mad Scene
03-18-2006 | Annie Hayden Band at Merge SXSW showcase, Antone's


Annie Hayden Band tour with The Clientele (I only played on the following shows, maybe a few others I'm forgetting?)
11-23-2005 | at the Knitting Factory
11-19-2005 | at The Abbey, Chicago
11-12-2005 | at Bottom of the Hill, SF
11-11-2005 | at Knitting Factory LA
10-29-2005 | at IOTA, Arlington VA
10-28-2005 | at Maxwell's, Hoboken


Aden show in Seoul, Aden/TLA/+/- show in Tokyo 

01-04-2003 | TLA at Southpaw with Aluminum Group
07-16-2003 | TLA at Southpaw with Plastic Mastery


Last TLA tour, with Aluminum Group

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