Monday, October 10, 2011

New EP: What We Talk About When We Talk About Let's Give Them Something To Talk About

The end of the end of the first part of this project, this EP is the completion of a one-year attempt to record and release as many improvised performances as possible, operating completely outside of the commercial arena, solely for the purpose of making music. I haven't promoted it at all, or allowed anyone to pay for any of it; to me these occupy a different space than "records", in the sense that they often make more sense in the background, and are more conversational than they are some kind of pre-planned artistic statement. If you like it, you can listen to it, without a lot of overhead.

I recorded every one of these pieces in my bedroom during the one hour of the week when nobody is at home. There's no mixing, no overdubbing or editing, not even changing the order of the tracks; what you hear is pretty much exactly what happened during that time period, except for technical glitches and stuff like that.

The next phase of the project will involve less frequent releases, changing some of the variables, and going back to performing this type of music live again, after a very long hiatus. See you soon.