Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last show of the year: Muchmore's 12/14

So this is it. My last show of 2014. I know you were kind of imagining what it might be like, probably glitzy, definitely exclusive. I mean, when you listen to this kind of music you are already in an elite group of people with the most refined taste, but this was probably going to be like the 1% of that 1%. 

Well, let me tell you that your vision is about to come true...TO THE EXTREME.

Muchmore's will host another meeting of the Cacophony Collective this Sunday December 14th, starting at 9 sharp (I think that's me) and continuing with a bunch of heavy hitters in the world of music the likes of which you won't believe. It's free, it's a Sunday night when you probably aren't doing anything but praying for death anyway; don't miss this chance to enter the realm of pure white light, and also I will buy you a drink if you make it out.