Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New digital 7": So In Love With Your Crazy Mouth Noise

Very excited to be performing with my man Otto Hauser at The Stone on Sunday May 6th. He's doing a series of I believe mostly improvised drum duets with Anders Griffen; I'll sit in on a few, and maybe Loren Stillman also. Maybe some of what I do will sound like this new digital seven-inch. (The title refers in general to when you discover a strange imperfection about someone that is super-compelling. Specifically, it's about the moment in the song "Under Pressure" where Bowie sings "keep coming up with love but it's so slashed and torn", and the word "slashed" has all this crazy mouth noise on it, but they left it in because that whole track is just 100% straight up genius and they knew better than to get fussy with it. And also some crazy mouth noise on the Hospitality record, which I also love.)

To say that the Stone is one of my favorite places to play doesn't quite do it justice; it's an honor to be chosen to play there, and I've been very fortunate a few times now. There aren't many performance spaces that have a built-in history of listening strong enough to help a performer; when you get to play in one, you feel supported by the work that has already happened there. Stoked.