Monday, January 30, 2012

New EP: Oh Doing

The problem with having a rigorous, uncompromising aesthetic is that it makes it very difficult to deviate from it without feeling like you have somehow gone a little soft. So if you want to maintain your experience of my body of work here without feeling the triple-ply softness that is reminiscent of Drake, when you listen to this new EP you should by all means avoid the second version of "Inner Moment Freedom" that contains an actual overdubbed actual guitar solo. Usually I don't do that, so this time I did, unless you don't listen to it, in which case I have maintained an unbroken strict "one-take, all-improvised, no edits, no overdubs" policy for like 25 releases here. (It is the first take of the guitar solo if that makes you feel better.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New EP: Mental Blood Focus

There have been many times lately when really all I want to hear is the sound of a guitar with a bunch of wood and metallic stuff shoved through the strings, run through a bunch of delays and a Rat pedal. And then there is the rest of the time, when I just want to hear the song "Some Guys Have All The Luck." So, one stop shopping here, basically.

"Skullpile Sunrise" is named after a song by the same name by 90s Charlottesville art-metal band The Middle Way (featuring members of Hedonistic Cravings). We did a show together, and it was also the first show of the (can I say it?) extremely twee indie-pop band Charming. After Charming's set, I looked at their set list and I was very impressed that one of their songs was named "Skullpile Sunrise"; it took me longer than I would like to admit to realize it was actually The Middle Way's set list. But I still think that is one of my favorite song titles of all time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New EP: New Laconia

New Laconia is the name of what I assume must be an extremely dour and lugubrious car service; it is also the name of this new EP.

In related news, my recent releases are rocketing to the top of the charts: #1 with a bullet in the "prepared guitar" category, and finally charting in the "free improvisation" category at #27. As DJ Khaled says, we the best. (Again, I point this out only to note that, based on the number of listens I have received, this means that almost nobody is listening to anything. As you were.)