Monday, June 28, 2021

ENSORCELLED, more stuff

So I'm not that great at updating this page, we can all agree on that. But there are a few things to point out since the last time I posted here!

Hampus and I, as Center For Whatever, have a new cassettte called ENSORCELLED (here is the bandcamp:, and our pal Rob Sheffield did a very generous blurb about it for his employer, a scrappy little zine called Rolling Stone. I'll reprint an excerpt here for those of you who can't get behind the paywall:

[...] Lindaman hits a new zenith with Center for Whatever, his collaboration with electro whiz Hampus Öhman-Frölund. Center for Whatever debuted with the superb Boogie Spiderland, featuring gems like “Receiving Transmission From Beyond Van Halen Belt.” Ensorcelled is an amazing peak of shamanic guitar brilliance, “dark improvisational magic” infused with 1970s metal: Frippertronics meets Cultösaurus Erectus. Best song title: “How Soon Is This It?” As always, the cassette is the way to go. R.S."

In fact, I see that our debut release Boogie Spiderland *also* came out since the last time I updated this, so how about just picking up both of those? As Rob says, get the cassettes. Sorry! As he mentions, I also released a solo joint called Majoring in the Minors, which has no cassette edition, but that shouldn't stop you from buying it and copying it onto the cassette of your choice.

More soon--more CFW, more shows, more people being inside a room listening to music this fall.