Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crowding The Octagon Tour (so far)

On March 18th, my new album Crowding The Octagon will come out on Teen-Beat Records, so I'm doing a tour to celebrate. I don't have to do them all at once, though, so it's gonna be spread out over the next few months.  Here's the first four shows:

2014-03-07 | Washington Street Art, Somerville MA, with Grizzler, Cotton Candy, What Is An Author?:

2014-03-20 | The Spotty Dog, Hudson NY, with Mike Tamburo and Alexander Turnquist:

2014-03-21 | Flying Object, Hadley MA, for Sight and Sound II:

2014-03-28 | Official record release party! In Charlottesville VA at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, with Grand Banks and Cole/Monnes Duo

If you think I should come play with you where you are, and it's accessible by bus from NYC, let me know!