Thursday, November 13, 2014

New page full of live performances. Be amazed.

So, when you are constructing your alibi and claiming to have been at one of my shows since 2008, you can now make use of my handy list of shows, to which there is a link over on the right of this page. Barring an unforeseen last-minute show in December that might actually happen, I did 7 shows in 2014, the majority of which were actually not in New York City, and none of which involved me singing popular music. Goal for 2015--12 shows, half not in New York City (maybe some of them will involve singing popular music again as well--we'll see).

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  1. Of course, by saying this, I have willed one final show for 2014 into being: December 14th at Muchmore's, with the Cacophony Collective. I have it on good authority that the previous Cacophony Collective show was really amazing and a great time was had by many satisfied audients; I see no reason to break with this tradition.


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