Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy new year/rest of previous year/more music

Welcome to 2014. While we're at it, how was the rest of your 2013? After the fantastic success of Black Death DNA (#4 top mailorder item for Teen-Beat in 2013, topping the tote bag), I spent most of the rest of the year recording, working on TLA stuff which I swear is gonna come out some day, resting on my laurels, accepting accolades, getting ultra-ripped abs, and being the most influential, yet still unknown, artist of my generation.

For 2014, the signs are auspicious for more activity, so to start things off here's a digital cassingle bootleg of my set from Zebulon from the end of 2012. This was the record release party for Heather McIntosh's award-winning soundtrack to Compliance; it was me, the amazing Jeremiah Cymerman, and of course The Instruments. For me, the most gratifying thing about this recording is that you can hear the audience talking when I start, but at the end of the set you can hear that nobody is talking. Success! Coming soon: more avant-garde guitar jams, a new record on Teen-Beat, some actual shows, all to be announced here soon.

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