Sunday, August 12, 2012

New EP: Time To Lean, and "release party"

I've been embroiled in litigation with the 2012 London Olympic games over the title for this one, so I had to wait until the games were over to release this new EP. Also, you know, the summer, people are doing things, whatever. To make up for it, this one is like four times as long as they usually are, and encompasses a number of recording sessions instead of just one like they normally do. Just FYI for the completists.

Also, I'm playing with (some form of) The Instruments again! We'll be playing some of the awesome score that Heather McIntosh wrote for the movie Compliance, which is burning up the charts, and probably some Instruments hits as well. I'll be doing a solo opening set, so it'll be like the release party for this EP, if one has a release party for something that you just put up on the internet. It's at Zebulon, in Brooklyn, Sunday August 19th, probably earlyish Sunday night rock time? Come on down if you are in the area--I'll buy you a drank.

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