Sunday, March 18, 2012

New digital 7": Decent Reasons / Recent Demons

What seems like an eternity ago, not in the way that a month ago does but more like the way that 1991 does, my guitar teacher went out of town for an extended period and left his vinyl in my apartment. I think he intended for me to actually listen to it, but, regardless, I did.

There was so much amazing stuff he turned me on to in absentia, or at least gave me a chance to actually hear instead of just read about. (Of course back then actually hearing things was difficult.) There was all the Fripp/Eno stuff, the Henry Cow/ Art Bears/ Fred Frith stuff, and then there was all the ECM stuff. Who amongst us did not briefly try to play a 12-string guitar after first hearing Ralph Towner? Then, 20 years later, most of us decided we were probably never going to get good at that and it was easier to just get an octave pedal and fake it. Thanks, Tony.

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  1. Of course it took me two weeks to realize I didn't actually put a link in the post to the actual thing. Smooth.


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